2018 has been one of the wettest years on record in Northern Virginia. Non-stop rain throughout the spring and summer months has caused major flooding for property owners and businesses in VA. Flooded basements, standing yard water and drainage issues, water pooling, overflowing ponds, culverts and streambeds could not handle the onslaught of water. The wet and soggy season exposed drainage issues throughout the Northern VA to communities in Vienna VA, Fairfax VA, Springfield VA and Arlington VA.

To make matters worse, two major hurricanes hit the east and southern coast of the U.S.—Florence made landfall near Wrightsville Beach on September 14 as a category 2 hurricane and hovered in place for days, dumping millions of gallons of rain water which caused flooding in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Less than a month later, on October 11, 2018 Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida as a Category 4 hurricane.

Both hurricanes brought with them massive amounts of water, which funneled their way into Virginia. The result flooded homes, basements, caused yard erosion, standing water and water drainage issues.

Protecting a home from the destructive forces of water is just as important as building a home. Exterior basement waterproofing, installing drainage systems, extending downspouts and grading are all part of preventing water damage to homes.

If your property experiences basement flooding, leaking, wall seepage, yard drainage issues and water is entering your home, you need to hire Exterior Waterproofing Experts, a division of Clifton Contracting in Fairfax VA.

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